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All entries of the application are mandatory and you have to fill each one, otherwise the application will not be uploaded. The maximum size of MP3 sample is 5MB

Band name:
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By registering for the competition, the band grants the organizer consent to publish and use the above-mentioned data in the media and on the internet for the purpose of promoting the competition without any claim to financial compensation. If the band is part of a label or represented by any other entity, they are obliged to notify the relevant party about the registration and resolve any copyright issues if necessary. The application must include an attached recording in MP3 format (specifying the performer's style as much as possible).
Basic competition rules:
Bands can register for the competition using the form no later than September 30, 2024, by 24:00. The expert jury will continuously listen to the recordings and select suitable candidates for the preliminary rounds. Selected bands will be contacted by September 2024. The bands will then perform in co-hosting clubs, always in groups of three, in front of the public, and the expert jury will select one band to advance from each concert round. Subsequent rounds will proceed in the same manner, and the best bands that pass through this selection will perform at the Grand Finale, which will take place again this year at the Stolárna in Havířov on December 7, 2024. The competition starts with the first rounds on September 26, 2024, and competition days are usually Thursday or Friday. This year, the competition will be held in Havířov, Karviná, and Ostrava. Bands will present live in a 40-minute block. All concerts are free for the public. Accommodation and travel expenses are not covered for the bands. The reward for the best bands includes attractive prizes and performances at various cultural events and festivals.
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